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Hi,I'm Meichun.



About Me

trained designer  |  creative thinker  |  perpetual dreamer

I am a research-based designer and artist working across HCI/UX, digital media, installations, interactive technology, and mixed realities. I create experiments for immersive storytelling, spatial and cognitive augmentation, and plural futures that contextualize the organic and technological domains within the other-than-human world. 

Through a posthumanist lens, I explore new paradigms in a crossover between art, design and machine. My professional practice ranges from building next-generation platforms for democratizing 3D content creation to designing multi-modal interfaces with emotional AI.

I have worked at Nuro, Xiaomi, EcoPlants and Gensler as Product/UX Designer. I graduated from Harvard with a master’s degree in Design Technology and received my BFA from School of Visual Arts.

I'm interested in building for:

● HCI / UX 

● AI / ML / Data Viz

● 3D / XR / Game



Thank you for reaching out!

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