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Building Toy I.

A Spatial Maze in Motion: 

A Responsive Rule-based Space Generation System based on User Inputs

In our daily lives, we quite used to living in designed and fixed spaces. However, what happens if our spaces are reshaped by our every movement, and whether such spaces influence the way we behave?


Thus, this project aims to address the interaction between human motions and the environment through a series of alterable spaces experienced in VR. The space becomes animated in the moment that we put the first gaze towards it. 

Role | experience design, spatial design, VR development

Tools | unity, C#, playMaker, htc vive

Year | 2016


This project strives to create an experience of exploring a maze and reconstructing the generative environment through human motions. We create a module-based space and empower the user with interactive abilities to modify its structure. When walking through rooms and tunnels of different themes, users generate or disassemble spatial structures by placing building blocks or making gestures, where they can also activate amazing visual effects or interact with objects that they encounter.

VR Demo Introduction Video

Demo Test

User Testing.

Conceptual Scenarios.

User Experience.

user experience.JPG

Spatial Design.


  • collecting the real-time data of human motion with sensors.

        The aspects can be tracked: speed, time, direction, distance, etc.

  • developing a space-motion matrix, using data from people as variables.

  • generating alterable spaces through space-motion matrix.

"The Building Toy"

building toy concept.png

Explore a New Type of Media

Process: Testing & Experiments.


Final Production.

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